It has been a crazy, busy couple of weeks as I finished preparations for the Race for Freedom. We had events happening in West Virginia, California, and Colorado Springs, CO this past Saturday. On September 21st we will host a 5K in Gunnison, CO and another in Melbourne, AUS in December. 

In the midst of all this busy I have one constant that has and will keep me going – I made spending time with God every day a priority. As I was driving away with a car packed to the gills (do cars have gills?), I got a beautiful picture of what it means to make time with God a priority. 

I am busy. You are busy. We all have work, family, cleaning, cooking, relationships, IMG_3496commitments, volunteering… and on and on. Our days are full, like my car, jam-packed and stuffed full in possibly not-legal, can’t-see-out-the-back-window sort of ways. Before we pulled out of the driveway I kissed my baby girl, sitting in her car seat, surrounded by so much stuff, buckled in safe and sound. You know, that car seat was the very first thing that I had put into that vehicle when I was packing it. It went in before any other box or suitcase. I made space for the most important one first, then crammed everything else in around it.  

This is what it is like to make spending time with God a priority. You give him the first, the best. You make the space for him, and not only is he now involved in every part of your day, everything else just seems to fit better. Amazing, no?

Making space for God means:

  • I do not check E-mail, Facebook, or Twitter before reading my Bible and talking to Jesus. 
  • I do not allow the plans, worries, and work for the day to crowd into that time. 
  • I have a specific time (morning) and a particular spot on the couch where God and I can meet. 

Creating that spaces allows me to: 

  • Go into my day with peace, no matter what I am facing. 
  • Have confidence that God is with me, helping me in all I do. 
  • Have my ears tuned to the Holy Spirit for wisdom in all that I do. 
  • Actually get more done, more efficiently. 

IMG_3497So many times we try to squeeze everything possible into our day, then ask God, as we’re flying down the highway of life, to help us out when we just can’t keep it all together. But is he even in the car? Are you making space for God, before you make plans, and pack the day full? We would never think of trying to shove our kids car seat in at the last minute before a road trip; hoping it will fit somewhere, like maybe we can tie it to the roof, give the kid her sippy cup and away we go!

We make room in our lives for the things that are important to us. I didn’t make this time with God a priority because I was busy. I made it a priority before  busy, and despite busy. I love God, and love spending time with him. No matter what else is going on in my day, this time is non-negotiable. Just as it doesn’t matter where I am driving, or how much stuff needs to fit into the car, the car seat for my baby is in there first, and always.

I promise you, as you begin to give God your first and your best in every area, including your time, work, relationships, family, finances and so on, you will find that there is just more capacity for everything else, and more grace as you run the race before you! 

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