I heard this idea in a podcast I listened to recently. . . I have been chewing on it, and here is some ‘fodder’ for you!

There is a problem in the world that speaks to the answer God placed in you.

There are a lot of problems in this world. Some bother you more than others. The problem that you see may stand out so glaringly that you wonder, “Why doesn’t someone do something about this? Well, maybe that someone is you and the something has been planted in your heart. Ephesians 2:10 says,

For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

I have a friend who notices where the church could be stronger and more effective on a local and global level. He notices these ‘problems’ more than others, because the solution is in him to help the church become stronger and more effective! 

When I sit down with another friend, and the topic of leadership comes up, she has the most amazing insight into how to lead people. And she doesn’t even know that this is a gift God has given her! It is so easy for her to see and solve those problems, because God has planted those solutions in her!

I have a friend who notices when others have a need. She loves to pray and provide, or coordinate the provision, of the physical, everyday needs that others have. She doesn’t just see a problem, she has allowed God to use her to be an answer.

Maybe it’s human trafficking that seems to stand out to you everywhere you go.

Or does seeing lonely, struggling single moms or dads pull your heart in a way that nothing else does?

Do you notice something that seems like such a gaping hole, that you can’t believe someone isn’t doing something about it?

It’s probably because the answer is inside of you. The solution is speaking to the problem. They recognize each other.

What will you do?  Will you use your voice to begin speaking out the answer? Bringing life and hope into those situations? Or will you complain about what is not being done?

In every example you can think of, in every problem and situation you see, you have the opportunity to bring life with your words.

It is so important to keep in mind that not everybody sees the problem as you do. So there is no use getting upset. Pray for strategic alliances: others that God has deposited the same answers within. And, most of all, keep a loving, serving attitude in all that you do! People are never our problem.

We are not all called to do everything. And we are not called to fix it all today. Be faithful with what is in your hands today. Begin with the foundation of prayer, and using your voice well. Speak life, speak hope, speak vision and a future.

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I love reading, studying, teaching and preaching the Word of God! My hearts desire is to see people set free, equipped for their calling, and strengthened through the transforming power of God’s Word.

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