Early this spring a friend gave us a little tomato plant sapling. That’s the right term for not-quite-full-grown but bigger-than-a-sprout, right? When I remembered to water it on a regular basis, it did great. My neighbor, an experienced tomato gardener, often reminded me to water it. 

In early-summer my mom’s friend came over for a visit. She was catching a flight out of town that day, but before leaving, repotted the little sapling for me to a big, spacious pot. My neighbor continued to remind me to water it. 

Planted, watered, pruned, re-planted into a bigger space, watered… and warding off green-tomato-picking-predators, namely my daughter and her toddler friends. I was getting the hang of ‘gardening’ this little tomato plant! 

That little sapling grew and grew, sprouted little flowers, that turned into little green

some of my tomato harvest
some of my tomato harvest

marble-sized tomatoes, that grew into nice, big, red tomatoes. I know that this is how fruit grows, and it was fascinating to watch!

Tonight with dinner we feasted on the most delicious garden tomatoes I have ever eaten. So much work, and mostly help from others, went into the transformation from little seed, to beautiful harvest.

Here is what I learned. . .

We all love the harvest. But very few are willing to sow the seed, water the seed, and do what it takes to see the process all the way through. I’ve got to tell you, every fall I wish that I had a harvest of squash, tomato, basil, potato, spinach. . . But. I. Don’t. Why? I didn’t plant the seeds.

There are many areas in my life that I would love to see a great, big harvest. A harvest of beautiful, nourishing fruit to fill me, and everyone around me. I am sure that you can think of areas that you would like a harvest, too. Relationships? Family? Business? Finance? Ministry? What is your dream for the future? If you want a harvest to meet you there, you have to plant the seeds! Are you preparing for your future by planting seeds today? Are you trusting God, sowing seeds of life in the areas that he is showing you? 

What are seeds? Seeds are the things in your hand today that you can plant. This could be time to dedicate to one of those areas, words of faith and life spoken into the future, money and resources given as a gift (an offering) are also seeds.

Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has plans to prosper us, and he has a good future, full of hope in mind for each of us. This is absolutely true, yet we must know that we have a role to play in the process! God has given you seeds to sow. Often the seed seems so small, so insignificant, so not worth planting. Especially when it seems like planting the seed will create lack today. Can I tell you, I have never regretted sowing seed into any area of my life. God always takes care of our needs in every area, while we wait patiently for the future harvest. 

  • Plant seeds where God tells you to plant seeds.
  • Trust God to grow the seeds.
  • Water the seeds in prayer.
  • Protect the seeds from predators (of fear and doubt) by knowing and believing God’s Word.
Sluggards do not plow in season; so at harvest time they look but find nothing. Proverbs 20:4

If you want to find the harvest that you need, and want, in your future you must pay the price today by sowing the seeds that are in your hands. Seeds of Love, Finances, Resources, Talents. . . The things that you lay down today as seeds, entrusting them to God who is Faithful, will meet you again in your future. Those few seeds that you have today, will produce a harvest of much, much more.

I hope this encouraged you,

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