It was a crazy-busy couple of days and I just hadn’t had time write a blog. Well, not a blog to my standards, anyway. You know, something so deeply theologically profound that even Jesus would be impressed. But I had made a commitment to myself to study the Bible, to write, and to blog. So, I asked Jordan if she would like to close the door to her room to play for awhile, or if she would like mommy to close the door for her. Running to her room she said, “You close!” as she happily closed the door to her room and began playing. (She has “you” and “me” backwards right now. Pretty cute, though often confusing.)


So I sat down to write. It wasn’t profound, I just poured out some thoughts and encouragement from my short 33-years on earth. And it was the most read, shared, and commented-on blog I’ve ever written. And I almost didn’t write it. 

I haven’t been able to shake that realization.

The blog I almost didn’t write was the one that impacted the most people. Simply sharing some things that had been on my heart had a much greater affect than I could have imagined. After all, it was just me, writing. Right? The thought that I can’t shake is this: what else has not been written, said, created, worked at, or fought for that could have had great impact on those it touched?

What about you? What inspiration, motivation, encouragement, revelation, ideas, istock_000000166963small3-300x225creativity, passion, and purpose is inside of you just waiting for you to pen, paint, or proclaim it? So often the thing we think is such a little thing is the very thing that God has placed in you to reach others.

Do not doubt the gift inside of you. That gift will display the glory of God to this world when you begin to let it move you.

Do not neglect the dreams of your heart. Those dreams are seeds from heaven, waiting to be planted by willing hands, that will grow into beautiful new life.

Do not hold back because you are not perfect. Jesus is already your biggest fan and loves the way you worship him in all that you do!

Please take the time today to invest in the gifts God has placed inside of you. Please live your life holding nothing back. The world is waiting for what you alone can bring. Do not ‘almost’ do the things in your heart – go do them! Dream, plan, prepare, but do not fail to DO!

What have you almost done? What is still waiting for your voice, your touch, your ideas?

Thanks for reading,

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I love reading, studying, teaching and preaching the Word of God! My hearts desire is to see people set free, equipped for their calling, and strengthened through the transforming power of God’s Word.

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